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When people come to see me with debt problems, they are under enormous stress.  You’ve already tried everything.  Very few people are anxious to “throw in the towel” and just file for Bankruptcy. I talk with people who have tried for years, decades sometimes, to
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What is an Adversary Complaint in a Bankruptcy Case?

What is an Adversary Complaint in Bankruptcy? When a person files a Bankruptcy case, every company or person they owe is notified.  In order to eliminate a debt, it’s only fair that those people or companies get a chance to find out that the person
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Bankruptcy is Your Personal Safety Net

In the 25 plus years that I have been counseling and advising people with debt, almost nobody has come into my office saying that they wanted to file bankruptcy, or that he or she was excited to file for bankruptcy protection. Bankruptcy is an extreme
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