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Listen to My Radio Interview-Aging Well in Chicago

It’s a pleasure when I can get the word out, and give practical advice on the financial challenges of middle age and beyond.  When Jeff Bechar of ComforCare Chicago reached out to interview me for his new weekly radio show, “Aging Well in Chicago”, I
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Save Your Assets- File for Bankruptcy Protection!

This headline doesn’t make sense, does it?  When most people think of bankruptcy, they think of “throwing in the towel” and losing everything.   In many cases, it is just the opposite! Lately, I’ve met more and more senior citizens who run into financial troubles.  It
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Life after Bankruptcy– Estate Planning

The best event of any bankruptcy case is when the Bankruptcy Court issues the Discharge Order. This means that the Bankruptcy case is done, and the debtor has finished it successfully.   In a Chapter 7, that means that all of the unsecured debt is eliminated,
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