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“I spoke to three different attorneys before meeting Mr. Winter and when I met him and he started explaining things to me in simple terms and in detail I was ready to hire him to submit my case. everytime I had a question he answered right away and kept me informed of how my process was going. Bankruptcy is not easy and is not fun but I am glad there are lawyers like Mr. Winter that will treat you with respect and dignity in those hard times. I highly recommend Mr. Winter, thank you for your help.”
– Rick, a Bankruptcy client

“I found Daniel J. Winter’s law firm by researching and reading reviews on bankruptcy lawyers in the downtown Chicago area. After scheduling the initial consultation, I was impressed with the level of interest and commitment the firm showed in helping me with such a complex and personal situation. My case was handled professionally. There were no surprises, and I was informed every step of the way. I appreciate all of the hard work that went into my case.”
– Chapter 13 client

“Dan Winter provided excellent direction in our case. He provided up to date information and provided all our options. He was available when needed and worked to get the best result possible for us. He was sympathetic during a difficult time and helped us navigate thru the legal process. I would most certainly recommend Daniel Winter.”
– Chapter 13 client

“I highly recommend Dan Winter. By definition, he sees clients when they are in a very stressful state and his combination of knowledge and kindness make for a very reassuring experience. He and his associates are very familiar with the ins and outs of the process and give excellent legal advice and guidance. I’m sure many practictioners in the area of law have great expertise, but I Dan combines his with an empathy that removes a lot of the feelings of guilt and embarassment that can come with the process. You feel that he and his associate Rebecca Engelmann are on your side, and see their role as being your advocate, not just the person who handles the paperwork.”
– Susan, a Bankruptcy client

“Having a lawyer in my family, I asked her to talk to lawyers that she knew to try and find a lawyer who could represent me regarding my bankruptcy. Daniel’s name came up and after speaking with him I was very comfortable that he had the knowledge and the expertise to represent me and come up with a solution that was the best fit for me.

Daniel listened to my concerns and created a plan moving forward to give me the protection and peace of mind that I needed at such a difficult time. Daniel was very up front with me on what was available to me, offered to me choices that I could review and stayed with me along the way when I had questions and concerns. With 5 months left to go on a five year plan he still is helping me with questions that arise from time to time.

I can honestly say that I made a good choice for a lawyer to represent me and my interests, who took the time and effort to protect me and my assets to the best of his ability. I always felt comfortable calling on Daniel when I wasn’t sure what the next step required.

While I hope I will not require his services in the future, I would however be comfortable recommending him to anyone who is in a similar situation and is looking for professional, knowledgeable, and courteous representation from a highly qualified lawyer .”
– Daniel, a Bankruptcy client

“My husband and I found ourselves in a terrible cycle of debt; we had almost exhausted our retirement savings trying to stay one step ahead and we were no longer able to continue. Mr Winter advised us on bankruptcy; he clearly explained all the steps, what we could expect, told us exactly what documents we needed. He informed us of all of our options and the consequences to be expected. He appeared before the trustee with us, and has advised us also on our home mortgage. He absolutely helped us move out of this bad place, he did it with kindness, compassion and respect, all of which are so appreciated under the circumstances. We both feel like we are able to keep our dignity under the circumstances and that we can “pick up the pieces” and move on with our lives, wiser, better planners, and Mr. Winter really helped us get to this much better place!”
– Marcey, a Bankruptcy client

“Dan is informative and enjoyable to work with. He was patient with my bankruptcy process which changed since hiring him two years ago. I highly recommend him.”
– Mike, a Chapter 13 client

“Wonderful lawfirm. They treat you with respect. He made me feel like I was his only case.”
– Kathleen, a Chapter 13 client

“From the time of my initial consultation, and since, I have been treated by Dan Winter and Rebecca Engelmann along with the entire staff with the utmost respect and understanding. The practice is run with efficiency, professionalism and an incredible understanding of the law. Having to go through a Chapter 13 is an embarrassing and painful experience, however the law practice of Daniel J. Winter has made this unfortunate experience more tolerable.”
– Chapter 13 client

“Mr. Winter helped us through our legal issues by completely explaining the process, our options and potential outcomes so we could make the best possible decisions. Mr. Winter and his team kept us informed on each step and vigorously defended our position. We achieved what we feel was the best possible outcome.”
– Jeffrey, a Bankruptcy client

“Daniel is an excellent attorney who provided great service for my case. He is very knowledgeabl,e and guided me through the process with clear understanding. I would highly recommend him to represent any individual seeking professional law services. Thanks Daniel!”
– David, a Chapter 13 client

“I worked with Dan last year and he was very helpful, understanding and made the entire experience more pleasant than you would expect a lawyer to do for you. I trusted any suggestions he made and it all turned out well.”
– Chapter 11 client

“Dan Winter is a superb attorney! He is very knowledgeable, trustworthy and respectable. I’ve worked with Dan on several matters through the years and our firm has always been more than pleased. Dan is not only a great attorney he is a wonderful man and I feel honored to know him and privileged to have worked with him as well.”

– Susie, Assistant at Law Firm