Listen to My Radio Interview-Aging Well in Chicago

It’s a pleasure when I can get the word out, and give practical advice on the financial challenges of middle age and beyond.  When Jeff Bechar of ComforCare Chicago reached out to interview me for his new weekly radio show, “Aging Well in Chicago”, I was excited to be his first guest.  See the details of Aging Well in Chicago.  This episode aired on Saturday, January 21, 2017, at 7:15 a.m, on  on WNDZ, 750 AM.  Here is the link to the broadcast on ComforCare Chicago’s website.

In this interview, Mr. Bechar and I discuss some of the challenges that people face with their financial plans, and how best to deal with them.  We talk chronologically about issues that come up from middle-age to retirement.  What do adult children have to consider as they help their aging parents?  How to plan for changes in income as we retire?  How to deal with the family home? What to do about children’s or grand children’s student loan debts?  We talk about this and more.

So, whether you are a senior citizen, or have parents that you care for, or just want to know what to expect as you get older, tune in and learn what you can. These are important issues to everyone.  I look forward to hearing your feedback!  Email or call me, or Mr. Bechar at ComforCare Chicago with any questions or comments!

Daniel J. Winter


Offices in Chicago, Gurnee, Oak Lawn, and Skokie, Illinois