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Are Second Mortgages Discharged in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Here is another important question: Are second mortgages usually discharged in chapter 7 bks? Our bk was discharged in 2011. I was checking our credit report that shows that our two second mortages were discharged at that time. We have been paying both mortgages since
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Legal Guide to Bankruptcy Attorneys’ Fees in Illinois

In times where people are in financial trouble, and looking for a lawyer, they, understandably, are concerned about how much a bankruptcy case will cost. This guide will explain generally, what to expect when you see an attorney for bankruptcy . This applies to Bankruptcy
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How Can you Tell if your Property is being Foreclosed on?

Here is the question from Property foreclosed? My mom called me and said she received a phone call from an attorney telling her that her house was being foreclosed on. How can she verify that information if her home is being foreclosed? She said
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