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New Credit Scoring- Help for Borrrowers After Bankruptcy?

Many people are trying to recover from negative, or lack of credit history, from events like Bankruptcy, foreclosure, and divorce. Almost everything in the credit industry, that is, qualifying for home loans and car loans, is geared towards people who “have” lots of credit. That
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Are Second Mortgages Discharged in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Here is another important question: Are second mortgages usually discharged in chapter 7 bks? Our bk was discharged in 2011. I was checking our credit report that shows that our two second mortages were discharged at that time. We have been paying both mortgages since
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How Can you Tell if your Property is being Foreclosed on?

Here is the question from Property foreclosed? My mom called me and said she received a phone call from an attorney telling her that her house was being foreclosed on. How can she verify that information if her home is being foreclosed? She said
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