When the SH*T Hits the Fan, Call Dan!

For at least 10 years, I’ve been writing blog posts and articles about how to manage your money, how to be proactive, so people can hopefully avoid disaster in their financial life. Sometimes, things can get away from even the most diligent people!

Then, the SH*T really hits the fan!! I know that expression doesn’t give you a great picture!! And, it isn’t very pretty or professional looking!! But, think about it for a minute. What does that picture look like?? There’s stuff flying all over, in all directions! What do you do when that happens? Call Dan!

What does the SH*T hitting the fan look like, in everyday life? You are cashing your paycheck on Friday afternoon, getting ready for a short trip out of town. The bank or credit union says that there’s a freeze on your account! Why?? How are you going to get money for your trip?? Then, you use your debit card and the account is frozen, so it’s declined! Then you go to use your credit card (the one you think still has some credit left on it) and it’s declined!

On Monday after work, a Sheriff hands you a Court Summons. For foreclosure on your house!! Now, everything is “hitting the fan” all at once!! What can you do? You need to call a lawyer, fast!
Why did these things happen all at once?? Why did they happen at the worst time possible?? You were just working, paying your bills each month!!

Then you think back. You were out of work 6 months ago, and, while your spouse was working, you didn’t have enough money to pay all of the bills. So, you stopped paying the credit card. That freed up some money, so you kept going. Then, the next month, you missed a mortgage payment. But, you’ll catch up on that next month, when you get a new job, you say to yourself. But, the new job never came. Then a few more months go by, and you keep paying the electricity and heat, but can’t pay the other bills. You need to eat, right? But, again, you figure, you’ll get caught up!
A few months later, you get a new job, and try to pay your mortgage, and the lender says there are programs to help you catch up. You filled out some forms and sent them in. But, you didn’t hear back from the lender…..

Those are some of the things that led up to this huge crisis. A few small problems, and then you get a snowball of SH*T hitting the fan!!

I can help you!! I can help sort everything out for you and your family! I can help you prioritize your monthly bills and ongoing debts, and come up with a plan. And, if you need more help, Bankruptcy relief stops all Court proceedings, immediately! I can help you stop the chaos!!

If this sounds like your situation, or if you know someone who is in trouble, I can help stop the SH*T from hitting the fan, or if, RIGHT NOW, the SH*T is hitting the fan, call Dan!!

Daniel J. Winter