What to Do If You Were Just Served with Foreclosure Papers- See My Answer


I was just served foreclosure papers. now what.. I know I have to go to court, but when shoulkd i get a lawyer invloved. thanks.
I will also be looking for an attorney specializing in this field.

My answer:

It is important to consult with an experienced bankruptcy and foreclosure defense attorney as soon as possible. You need to discuss your goals, such as whether you want to remain in the house, and catch up in the payments, or just “buy time” and eventually move out. You can then decide whether bankruptcy, defending the foreclosure, short sale, or a combination of any of those are best for you.

In some situations, defending the foreclosure will accomplish the goal of seeing whether there are true “defenses”, and getting additional time to stay in the property. In other cases, if you intend on catching up in the payments, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy can help.

It is best to set up a consultation with an attorney who can advise you on all of your options.

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