We Help Our Clients with a Free Credit Review after Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Lawyer

The purpose of filing for Bankruptcy Protection is to eliminate certain debts.  Once you’ve filed your petition, completed the 2nd counseling course, and attended your Meeting of Creditors, you should receive a Discharge Order, which is the official document signaling that debts such as credit cards and medical bills, and unsecured loans are discharged, or eliminated. But, what does that mean for your Credit Report? The creditors should be reporting that those debts are included in your bankruptcy.  And, that information helps you rebuild your credit.  Your score should increase, and allow you to get the Fresh Start that you need.

Approximately 6 months after your Discharge, we will help you review your credit reports to be sure that they are reporting those debts correctly.  If they aren’t reported right, your credit score will still be low, and you won’t be able to get the credit if you need it.  We will work with you and an attorney who concentrates his practice in Credit Reporting, and the Law called the Fair Credit Reporting Act to be sure that your Credit Report is correct, and if it isn’t, request corrections.  If the companies you owed do not correct those errors, you might even have the ability to sue the lender under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

The goal is to help our clients get a Fresh Start, as promised by the US Bankruptcy Code.  Our Free Credit Review will help you get to that goal.  We offer free consultations, so help is only a click or call away!

Daniel J. Winter