Employers Supporting Military Families—an Important Job!

Today, more and more, members of the US National Guard and Reserves are being called to duty to serve our country. And, with that commitment, employers are being called on to help the members of the military and their families.

The ESGR (Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve) is an organization made of volunteers who help the relationships between the employer and the military family run smoothly. http://www.esgr.mil/About-ESGR/Who-is-ESGR.aspx

The Law Offices of Daniel J. Winter is fortunate to have the wife of a member of the military as an employee, Attorney Rebecca Engelmann.

As Rebecca’s employer and supervisor, I have always been supportive of her, as she adjusts to her husband’s ever-changing schedule. The Law Offices of Daniel J. Winter was just awarded the Patriotic Employer Award from the ESGA. http://www.esgr.mil/Employer-Awards/Spouse-Patriot-Award.aspx

I am proud to help and support one of the many of our country’s military families. Each one of us “civilians” can make a difference.

Daniel J. Winter