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An intro to BankruptcyLawChicago

Watch our new video, an introduction to our firm. We can help you with your financial problems, from foreclosure to credit card debt, to business bills. Daniel J. Winter LAW OFFICES OF DANIEL J. WINTER 53 W. Jackson Boulevard Suite 725 Chicago, IL 60604 312-789-9999
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Mortgage Foreclosure Settlement– What is in it for you?

Here is the latest summary of the “big” foreclosure settlement from the foreclosure abuses by the banks, robo-signing documents and creating fraudulent documents:  You may be entitled to some money (maybe $2,000.00) if your house was already foreclosed on.   If so, you’ll get some forms
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Can You Eliminate Parking Tickets in Bankruptcy?

Q: Can I get rid of my parking tickets in a bankruptcy? A: It depends on the type of bankruptcy case you are filing. There are two kinds of bankruptcy cases that a person can file, Chapter 7 (debt elimination) and Chapter 13 (debt consolidation).
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