The Free Money Checkup– Only a Phone Call Away

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Every year, we need to go to our friendly family doctor for a checkup.  You have a conversation with a nurse and your doctor. The doctor listens to your heart and lungs, taps your knee, and checks to see if everything is working right.  Then the doctor orders some blood tests, to see how all of your systems are working.  You get the results.

Do you know how you are doing with your money?  Sometimes, it is harder to tell if your finances are healthy than if your health is good.  Why? That’s because people tend to do what they’ve always done, every week.  Work 5 days, and take 2 days off.  Pay the bills however they can.  People may pay their bills by check, debit card or credit card. And, if they can do that each month, all is well.

But, do you have a plan?  Do you know how much you owe on your mortgage, car or credit cards? Do you know how you are going to pay those bills down?  Money is a subject that people don’t want to deal with, until they have to.  You hear all about saving for retirement, when you don’t have a dime left at  the end of the month.   Experts suggest that you set up a financial plan.

It’s much easier than that to get a money checkup.  I can review your situation to see how your financial health is doing.  It’s good to know how you are doing.  I don’t judge people, just help people figure out how to get through each month.  Do you have some “pains” paying your bills? Do you have a debt situation that is like a chronic disease?  It is always better to take care of your finances before a big problem starts.  And, it will get you focused on more than just paying the bills each month.

It’s best to get a checkup, just like going to the doctor. This free money checkup is a lot easier, and can prevent problems!  How does it work?  Just call or email us for a time to talk? 10 minutes is all it takes!  If you need a more in-depth “physical”, we can set up an appointment!

Daniel J. Winter