Here is my latest update for this unprecedented Health, Safety and Financial Emergency throughout the US and Illinois.

If you are having financial problems because of this, here is a list of resources to help you if you are out of work.  This list is only accurate as of now, so I’ll try to update the information and provide new resources.  Hat Tip to Attorney Claudia Badillo for providing most of the information.  I’m here to help with any questions for current clients and others in this difficult time.


  1. Check to see if your Mortgage is included: For Your Mortgage-HUD Foreclosure relief, Fannie Mae Foreclosure relief.
  2. Apply for unemployment benefits: Illinois Dept of Unemployment Security
  3. Navigate the SBA (Small Business Association) site for additional help: SBA Relief.
  4. Facebook has announced a Facebook Small Business Grants Program that you can apply for: FB Small Business Grants
  5. General advice from the consumer protection bureau: Consumer Protection Bureau
  6.  IRS tax relief help including a NEW tax deadline of July 15th for payment and filing: IRS Tax Relief
  7. Information from Navient for student loan relief: Navient
  8.  General student loan relief information: US Department of Education 
  9.  Bartender Emergency Assistance Program: Bartender Emergency Assistance
  10.  Emergency Rental assistance from the City of Chicago: City of Chicago Emergency Rental Assistance
  11. Illinois Domestic Violence hotline: Domestic Violence HotlineRecommendations from the CDC on how to protect yourself from the COVID-19 virus: Protecting Yourself from COVID-19
  12. A good list of resources from the Illinois Health and Hospital Association: Resources from the Illinois Health and Hospital Association
  13. . The City of Chicago press release on the Coronavirus with many links to other resouces: City of Chicago’s Response to COVID-189 Crisis
  14. A very important link from Chicago Public Schools (CPS) with resources for kids to do work while out of school: Chicago Public Schools Resources for COVID-19 Crisis
  15. The most up to date statistics on the Coronavirus here in Illinois: Up to Date Illinois Statics on COVID-19 Crisis
  16.  Here is a State of Illinois COVID-19 household checklist to prepare your home for an outbreak: State of Illinois Household Preparation Checklis
  17.  State of Illinois Childcare assistance programs: State of Illinois Childcare Assistance
  18.  Look into Nicor Gas Energy Assistance programs: Nicor Gas Energy Assistance
  19.  Apply for Financial and energy assistance on the Peoples Gas site: Peoples Gas Energy Assistance

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